Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in ethical Club Penguin Island blogging. To achieve this mission, we will be making our best efforts to bring the community together with our posts, content and meet ups. A blog without a community is nothing. A blog with a supportive community is everything.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known as one of the top Club Penguin Island blogs, also one of the few current ones with ethical standards. We want our viewers to smile when they read our posts, and we want them coming to Tomisino1.com for all the latest Club Penguin Island news, guides, and stories. We will achieve this by working with our values.

Our Values

Here at tomisino1.com we believe in a core set of values, and we aspire to work to these standards in all of our content.

At tomisino1.com we strive to give unique and ethical original content. Along with that, we make sure that our site has no advertisements which may leave our viewers exposed to any danger. We also don't post "spoilers" in the forms of in game code and avoid "cheating".

We make sure that our posts are honest and non-judgemental giving you the best insight into situations without being overly biased to one side. We like to let our readers decide their stance on issues. We also give credit where it's due. We're honest people.

We endeavor to be a top, reliable and trustworthy news source in the community that penguins across the globe can visit our site and find it helpful, useful and place their trust in it.


If you have any queries please contact the site operator.
Last updated 17th March 2017.

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