We don't particularly mind if images (not text) from Tomisino1 are copied onto other sites, (you don't even have to ask me) as long as it is mentioned in your post that that they came from our site, and have a working link to that post or homepage. This link must be in the same font size and colour as the rest of that page of the post (the hyperlink cannot blend into the background). If you do see a site that has copied our own content, please contact us!

Please Note: This information excludes anything that was published by the Club Penguin or Club Penguin Island Blog, or by other bloggers in the first place.

Cookies and data collection

We take privacy seriously at tomisino1.com, and consider it as a top priority for the safety of our readers. This privacy policy section is designed to inform and address any concerns or misunderstandings in regards to privacy on our site.

We use cookies from Blogger and Google for analytics and other purposes. These are turned on by Blogger and Google Analytics. You can choose to turn these off in your browser or device's settings.
When you comment on a post, we can access the name and website (if applicable) used whilst leaving the message, which is what the public would see too.

Third Party Links

At tomisino1.com, we make privacy the utmost concern for our viewers. However, these views may differ from other sites and blogs. We cannot be held responsible for the content, privacy polices and data collection processes on those sites.

Changes to these Services

This page and its policies may be updated at any time and without any notice to its readers. We reserve the right to do this. Therefore, we suggest that you have a look at this page often to see if any changes have taken place.

By using, accessing or adding to the site in any way, you are agreeing to be legally bound to these set of polices.

Last updated: 23rd November 2017

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