Sneak Peek: Tube Racing for EVERYONE

Hello Penguins,

Since almost the start, penguins have been able to play a fin-tastic game called Tube Racing. Sam has created an Island News Blog Post celebrating some exciting news about this on CP Island.

Hi penguin pals!
Okay, so this is really less of a sneak peek and more of an exciting announcement: TUBE RACING WILL BE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE IN 1.10!!!
Non-members will be able to access a tube to race friends down Mount Blizzard’s famous tracks, Summit Plummet and Snow Stormer. Races will be launched every two minutes, which means everyone will start at the exact same time! Penguins can earn points by not only being super fast, but by collecting pick-ups along the track. Be careful, though—some will actually subtract points!
When penguins reach the bottom of the track, they can view their group’s stats on the leaderboard. Those with the best race time and most points will earn coins and Rookie XP!
Leave us a comment if you’re excited to get your tube racing on! As a heads up, bi-weekly sneak peeks will become something we’re calling Fanfare Friday—these will be anything from can’t-miss community events to hilarious blog comments to best island myths and more.
As always,

Thanks for the awesome update on an island favourite. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, waddle on!



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