Penguins' Choice Awards: Most Tubular Tube

Hello Penguins,

March marks one year since Classic Club Penguin was closed, and CP Island was opened to the public for everyone. In preparation for the upcoming event, the Penguin's Choice Award's are being held. Sam has published a new You Decide (Poll) on the Island News Blog.

Hi penguin family!
Today’s PCA category is all about speed and style—tube style, that is! Penguins and tubes go together like fishdogs and seaweed smoothies (it’s a delicious combo, if you haven’t tried it). Here are the options for Most Tubular Tube:
Cake Cruiser
Mmm… this tube takes the cake!
Does it smell like something’s burning?
This high tech tube is perfect for infiltration missions.
Duck Tube
A classic way to cruise the waves.
The Majesteed
Between the tiny sunglasses and the rainbow hair, this tube is kind of a big deal.

Let us know which tube you voted for in the comments below!

I really like liked the familiar looking The Majesteed, and thus it took my vote! What about you? Do you agree with the results?

Until next time, waddle on!



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