Gamify Your Igloo

Hello Penguins,

Need some gaming igloo inspiration? Look no further! An new Island News Island Updates post by Rory has all the latest.

Igloos & Interiors isn’t just the #1 place for furniture, it’s also your go-to source for igloo tips. We’ve got ideas to make your igloo the hottest home on the block—without ever installing lava pots.
These days, the big igloo trend is gamification. The idea around igloo gamification is to turn an area into one big game. See what you think:
Igloo Parkour—Create an obstacle course over an entire lot. Crates and springboards are super effective. The goal is to jump your way through without ever touching the ground. Put a sand castle at the finish to see who can get there to knock it over.
Igloo Race—For this one, create a race track for tubers. Dance floor for a road? Kitchen counter for the track wall? Break out your creativity to build this project.
Grate Find—Okay, Rookie gets full credit for this one. The game involves hiding a cheese grater somewhere around your igloo—first guest to find it wins! Come to think of it, maybe Rookie genuinely lost his cheese grater…
There’s gotta be more games waiting for penguins to think up. After all, you can’t just host dance parties all the time, right? (Maybe don’t tell DJ Cadence I said that.)

Thanks for the update! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, waddle on!



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