Beach Bash or Beach Bust?

Hi Penguins,

The music world is buzzing this week over DJ Cadence’s upcoming concert. In preparation of this, an Island Updates post has been added to Island News.

by Rumor Reporter
The music world is buzzing this week over DJ Cadence’s upcoming concert, The Beach Bash. Preparations are happening fast, and sources say DJ Cadence has hired two crew to help her out. Their names could be familiar to you—Dot and Rory.
Dot is one of the island’s premiere clothing designers. Those talents will lend themselves to costume and stage design. Rory is the owner of Igloos & Interiors, and has quickly gained a reputation as a master builder—someone who should be able to build whatever Dot and DJ Cadence dream up.
This may seem like an all-star cast, but critics aren’t so sure. Dot and Rory have zero experience in the music industry, and DJ Cadence’s star has only begun to shine. There’s a big difference between hosting Team Dance Battles and pulling off a big show. Not only that, but DJ Cadence will have to prove she’s more than a one-hit wonder. Her #1 single, We Are the Penguins, might be a smash hit, but can she follow it up with another big song?
As if that wasn’t enough, DJ Cadence still needs to hire a coordinator. With so many big personalities involved, they’ll have to be a capable penguin who can hold it all together.
The music world is watching.

Thanks for the update! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

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