The Legend of the Wish Squid

Hello Penguins,

Many wonder about the mysterious Wish Squid which resides by the Water Slide in Beacon Boardwalk. Such so, Aunt Arctic has Island News Special Report on it.

You’ve likely seen the Wish Squid fountain during your travels. It sits on Beacon Boardwalk’s hill, between the picnic area and the waterslide. But do you know what’s important about it?
It’s said to be made in the image of a magical Penglantian treasure.
Legend has it, a magical princess once lived in the kingdom of Penglantis. She cared about everyone in the kingdom, using her magic to make their lives better.
She made the fish bite when penguins were fishing. She made the snow fall when the days were too hot. And she made even the worst music sound beautiful.
Life was good for everyone in Penglantis. But, without notice, the princess announced that she had to leave. “There are powers beyond this island that I must confront,” she said.
The Penglantians didn’t know where she was going, but they wished her luck as she sailed away. Once she was gone, they noticed something on a nearby hill that hadn’t been there before—it was a fountain shaped like a squid.
On it, there was a note.
I’ve put as much magic as I could spare into this fountain. If you ever need help, toss a coin into it and say your wish. It will grant each of you 8 wishes—one for every tentacle.
And so even though the Penglantians would never see the princess again, they felt like she was always there for them—thanks to the magic of the Wish Squid.
Ahem—So, what do you think? Could there be any truth to it? Or is the wish squid simply an adorable fountain? Whatever it is, it’s a wonderful part of our island home.

Thanks for the update, Arctic! What an interesting story. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, waddle on!



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