The Penguin Games 2018!

Hi Penguins,

Back in 2016 I made the decision to host a little something called The Penguin Games on Club Penguin, in celebration of the Rio 2016 Olympics that were happening later that year. Because of its huge success, I held the event the following year, bridging Club Penguin Classic and Club Penguin Island. That was an even bigger success! To see all the glam from previous years, check out this label.

This 2018, the games will be returning (SURPRISE!), which also happens to be the same year of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. The 3rd annual event will involve a series of rotations based around games and challenges in specific zones. Since there will be an actual Winter Olympics, there will be an emphasis on "winter sports".

Here are the official details of the event, including the location and time of each different event, which will be revealed in another post next week. Tell your flippered penguin friends, and see you there!

Try to guess some of the events based on their rooms. What can you come up with!? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, waddle on!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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  1. I forgot it was the penguin games but... i declare that the penguin games will run unitl february 25th!


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