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Island mascots form an integral part of the island. From looking after the island to protecting the EPF, there isn't much they don't do. Sam has all the latest in an Island News Blog Post.

Hey penguin pals,
It’s time for some Dot talk. She’s one of the island’s top designers, but there’s something more to her than that—something mysterious!
Q: What kind of designs does Dot make?
A: Some of the sleek and stylish outfits in the catalog are Dot originals. And some of the weirder outfits are hers too—like the Crab Disguise.
Q: Why would anyone want a crab disguise?
A: To blend in with crabs.
Q: Doesn’t that seem strange to you?
A: Dot’s a stealth expert, so she knows the value of a good disguise. Her design came in handy during Aunt Arctic’s chapter one episode, Mirror Mirror.
Q: A stealth expert? Why wouldn’t you mention that sooner?
A: It’s classified information. I may not be good with secrets but I can’t say more.
Q: So she’s a secret agent?
A: Yeah, totally a secret agent.
Q: Where’d she learn to be a stealth expert?
A: I’ve said too much already. Also, I don’t actually know. Dot doesn’t talk about the stealth master who trained her.
So there you have it, friends. Dot is one of the island’s top designers, and most definitely not a stealth expert with a mysterious past. Just forget anything that says otherwise.
Waddle on! 

Thanks for the update on the one of the island's most well known characters. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

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