Beta Test Fest — January 15

Hello Penguins!

Earlier this month Club Penguin Island for Non-Mobile devices was released to the world as an Open Beta, which in general terms is a time to squish any pesky bugs- Joe has more info on that on the Island New blog.

Hi beta testers,
Give yourself a round of applause—we’ve come a long way in a short time. A lot of major bugs that stopped players from advancing in the game have been fixed, and many bug reports are now about annoying issues instead of devastating ones. We’re making progress! That said, there’s still a lot to do—but with your help and our QA team’s efforts I’m confident the island can be even stronger.
We went through every comment on the last Beta Test Fest, and we’d like to reply to some of the most talked about.

Top Bugs

Can’t load Island News
There will be a fix in 1.9 to help many players with this issue. However, some players may have this issue due to a slower internet connection. Waiting for a few more seconds could help these players out, as it’ll give the game time to log them in to Island News.
Clothing appears black
Many of these issues have been fixed, but it sounds like there might be a few left. Let us know which clothing and fabric is showing up as black for you and we’ll investigate.
Can’t jump to the left
Certain keyboards don’t respond when the spacebar and left key are pressed. This is a hardware issue, so it would happen on any game. For players experiencing this issue, they can press V and the left key to jump instead.
Problems playing Ink or Swim or Marble Hunt
There have been reports of trouble playing these games, and we’d love to hear some details. Let us know what’s preventing you from completing a game and we’ll investigate.
Players fly into the air after completing a tube race
Even though it’s kind of a cool bug, we all know penguins can’t fly—well, unless they have a jetpack. The QA team is investigating this one.

What’s Next?

Keep your comments coming! Next time we meet we’ll discuss the 1.9 update and any issues you’ve encountered with it.
Thanks for all your testing!

Thanks for the update, Joe! I'll be writing any bugs I have found on the topic (and more!) in the post. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below....
Until next time, waddle on!



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