Relax by the Yule Log | Club Penguin Island (+ Tomisino1 Analysis!)

Hello Penguins,

Earlier today Club Penguin Island released an hour long video on its Youtube channel, showcasing an igloo with a cracking fireplace and other holiday themed pieces... Or so you think! The fireplace and its surrounds were hiding a secret, which we will share with you in a minute. For those who are yet to watch the video, here you go!


Tomisino1 Analysis

Now for the moment we've been waiting for: The analysis! At first the video seems uneventful with just the presence of an empty igloo with a noisy fireplace... Until this!

Two very familiar looking penguins waddle on stage and share a conversation.

Soon after they exit, and it's back to the cracking fireplace... Until a bunch of penguins fill the space once more... Which clear out soon after.

Hello, what's this? A pirate penguin waddles into the space with a new shared food item. Rainbow smoothie? What about a fraparainbowchosa? No, oh well...

More penguins enter the space soon after, which becomes a snowball frenzy!

What an AMAZING video! I hope Club Penguin Island does more of these videos in the future as they are quite mysterious and eye catching in a mystifying way. What was your favourite part of this? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, waddle on!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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