Holiday Party Supplies!

Hi Penguins!

One of the fin-tastic things about the Holiday season is the food that is brought together by everyone... Even a famous island resident agrees! Rookie has all the latest in an Island News Special Report.

Heya! Happy holidays! Happy Coins for Change! Happy delicious food time!!
I love getting together with everyone for a big holiday dinner. Pizza? Yes! Fluffcake for dessert? Of course! A holiday blaster? Yep! I mean, you don’t _eat_ the blaster, but it’s a great way to share at a party.
Some people say fluffcake isn’t for them, but I think they just haven’t had the right one yet. Like, sometimes the fish isn’t fresh enough and it gets dry. You need a nice fresh, wet fish to really make the best fluffcake.
What are your favorite recipes for big holiday meals?
Waddle on! 

I LOVE a good pavlova and some lamingtons as well as a mud pudding during the holidays. What about you? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, waddle on!



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