This Weekend: Winter Beach Bash

Hi Penguins,   

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Hi penguin pals,
If you haven’t noticed, our team looks for almost any excuse to have a good time. What can we say? We love to have fun, especially when it’s with our incredible community! That is why we decided to make a splash on the island this weekend with a three-day winter beach bash!
Starting this Friday, November 10th, players will receive a few gifts upon log-in, including the highly anticipated Duck Tube for members! We. Can’t. WAIT!!! Just remember—you have to login during the event to claim your duck tube!
Each day of the event, one of our mods will make an appearance at 12 PM PST for a Duck Tube Meet-up on the Hockey Server:
Friday, November 10th: Waddle over to Beacon Boardwalk for a game of Tilt-o-Tube!
Saturday, November 11th: Jump off the waterfall together (in Duck Tubes, of course) and float around Coconut Cove.
Sunday, November 12th: Meet at Mt. Blizzard for (Duck) Tube Racing!
Let us know if you’ll be joining in a comment below–we hope you’ll take a quack at it!

I cannot wait for the event! Expect some posts on that. Unfortunately I will be unable to come due to time differences. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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