Poll: Which Igloo Item Are You Adding?

Hi Penguins,   

Sam has published a new Island News You Decide post...

Hi penguin pals,
In honor of igloos coming to the island (very, very soon), we thought it might be fun to get us all thinking about furniture and d├ęcor! Is your penguin home going to be a bold and swanky estate, or a warm and cozy abode? Will you focus on building a magnificent kitchen to host delicious dinner parties, or will your beautiful backyard be the main attraction?
So many decisions to make, so little time!
Today we want you to tell us which of these five items (available for everyone) you are MOST excited about adding to your igloos! You can even tell us why in the comments below.
Mini Trampoline
Because who needs stairs?

Classic Chair
For penguins who occasionally enjoy sitting and getting lost in thought.
Draped Windows
It’s like a window with clothes on! Score.

Fish Carpet
It’s fishy flair for your floor.

Classic Couch
Pile lots of penguins on and share stories and stinky cheese! Just try not to spill…

I really like liked the Classic Chair, and thus it took my vote! What about you? Do you agree with the results?



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