How to Light Up the Dance Floor

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Cadence has published a new Island News Special Report ... 

There’s nothing wrong with dancing the way you want. But when it comes to Team Dance Battle, you gotta move with your crew if you’re gonna score style points.
This is the kind of dance that needs focus. When you’re breaking it down, there’s nothing but you and the music to think about. Those penguins on the side of the dance floor chatting about their favorite band? Tune em out. Smell of Franky’s pizza tempting you away? Gotta stay strong.
When I’m competing in Team Dance Battles—and that’s not often now that I’m hosting—I’m thinking of nothing but my next dance move. It’s a totally zen-like experience.
Once you’re tuned in, you’ll find ways to make the battle easier. Like, let’s say you’ve got to memorize some moves and the first three are repeating. That’s easy—don’t even spend the brain power on them. Instead, focus on the moves after them. Those are the ones you’re more likely get tripped up on.
Most importantly, don’t sweat it. We’re here for a good time and all that really matters is letting the music flow through you.
Thanks Cadence- Expect a guide coming up on this soon. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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