Collecting Coins for a Good Cause

Hi Penguins!

December is JUST around the corner: What does this mean? Coins for Change, of course! I'm sure many of us want to contribute to this year's cause... But have a lack of funds! Joe has all the latest on the Island News blog...

Hi penguin pals,
It’s almost Coins for Change, and that means one thing—time to look at the amount of coins you have and say, “Oh, wow, uh, where’d they all go? Do I have a hole in my pocket or something?”
Don’t sweat it, if you want to contribute to Coins for Change and help out a real-world charity, there’s still time! Here’s a handy guide I’ve put together to help with your savings.
1. Run!— Seriously. A quick run through all of the island’s zones can net you a bunch of coins. After all, they’re just floating there, waiting for you to grab them.
2. Jump!— Bouncing up Mount Blizzard could be my full-time job. (Is anyone hiring?) There are a ton of coins and ice crystals if you can line up your jumps right.
3. Swim!—This is where the real coin is. Hit the Sea Caves for an underwater expedition of gems, pearls, and sunken treasure!
4. Challenge!— It’s an easy two step process. (1) Complete daily challenges. (2) Get coins. Well, if you’re me there’s one more step—(3) Try not to spend all your cash on new sunglasses.
5. Dance!— Collecting coins shouldn’t feel like a job. Take a break with a Team Dance Battle—whether you win or lose, you’ll still make bank!
The best part is, your efforts go to a great cause. Coins unlock a donation to a charity that provides toys for children in need.
Let’s make a difference together!
Waddle On! 

Thanks for the fin-tastic suggestions! I really like the idea of completing challenges to earn coins- Trust me, they can get you a lot of them! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, waddle on!



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