The Great Marble Hunt Shortage of 2017

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Hi penguin pals,
There’s going to be a slight issue occurring in the 1.6.1 patch. Read on for the important announcement from Crate Co.

Club Penguin Island, October 4, 2017 Due to unforeseen issues, games of Marble Hunt will be temporarily unavailable from stores. Meanwhile, existing copies of Marble Hunt may not start properly. But there is a workaround—after beginning a game, have the marble hider open their chat bar and then close it again. The game will then continue properly.
Crate Co. will be resolving this situation with an upcoming fix planned for release in mid-October. At that time, we will resume our regular shipments of Marble Hunt into shops (by dropping large parachuting crates onto the island, of course).
We want to thank our customers for their understanding. Without you, we wouldn’t be the #3 crate-based shipping company in the world.
Thanks for the update! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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