Haunted Halloween Arrives on Club Penguin Island!

Hello Penguins,

As included in the new update (a post on which will be coming out hopefully within the next 24 hours (sorry but I have been VERY busy with other commitments)) was Haunted Halloween, the island's first of hopefully many Halloween events to come. 

When you first arrive at the new Island Central, you will be greeted to the below scene of a full moon above the many igloos of the island. I wonder which one will be mine? Hmm..

Your penguin will waddle over to Gary, who has had a bit of a make over. Make sure to wave a flipper when you meet him! Alike in adventures, continue tapping through the dialogue once read.

BOOM! Watch those decorations scatter in place around the zone- Fin-tastically amazing. I also see some familiar sights. Do you?!

Uhm? This doesn't look so good...

Ghosts?! Haunting?!! Oh dear...

Follow Gary's instructions- Is that free halloween merchandise?! Waddle over to the stand behind Gary and press the orange action button.

Looks like a have a Halloween Shop!

Press any item and purchase. To learn more about party supplies, check out this other article of mine. Following that, press the purple button to use.

Tap the orange action button in the bottom right corner to use the item. What an icy cool effect!

NOW- Getting back to the issue... Waddle over to the below location- Head right from Gary untill past the Disney Shop, where you should reach the below. Every five minutes, penguins have the opportunity to defeat a ghost that is affecting the halloween scarecrow.

When this happens, you know the game is just beginning! AND I think I need backup too...

PENGUINS, FORMATION! Formation, formation, formation...

Erm... A bit of difficulty getting penguins that round. Five minutes later though, different story! The game consists of three rounds, each increasing in difficulty. The first level requires you to throw snowballs at a taller-than-usual- scarecrow that is haunted.

To throw a snowball, use the icon in the bottom right corner. The longer you hold it, the higher it goes!

The second level requires you to throw snowballs at 10+ mini pumpkins. Aim accurately!

The third and final level requires you, at a larger scarecrow, to throw snowballs. Did I mention a time limit?

... After that, rewards!

Ooh Gary! Hello what news?!

Gary HAS THE ANSWER! Continue tapping through the dialogue.

Well, the solution is simple: Give the vacuum enough energy and the island will be saved. Simples! On another note, here are all the decorated regions of the party.

Here are all the decorated rooms of the event. What an awesome view we have from the Boardwalk! Such a contrast between the water and sky...

Look: Even the caves got into the spooky spirit of the event!

Island Central: The hub of all Halloween Celebrations!

Blizzard Mountain: Now the second newest space on the island, could it to become haunted?!

Coconut Cove reminds me of a haunted disco. So many lights, especially around the campfire! THAT'D MAKE FOR SOME SPOOKY STORIES...

Well, that brings us to the conclusion of this guide. Expect an update as we further fulfil Gary's orders. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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