Happy 12th Anniversary, Club Penguin!

Hello Penguins,

October 24 celebrates the beginning of an era. Every year, penguins across the globe celebrate the anniversary of the opening of Club Penguin, which was all the way back in 2005. For eleven years, penguins logged on and visited the Coffee Shop to collect a special anniversary hat, cake and even a few extra goodies on some occasions.

Even though the classic Club Penguin closed in late March, I believe it is still necessary to recognise the date as Club Penguin is more than a game- It is a franchise and a wonderfully diverse community full of equally talented individuals.

Although our journey with Club Penguin finished seven months ago, we are making new ones on its successor, Club Penguin Island, which was created due to the ageing technology its predecessor was based on- CP Island is built on new technology, holding the franchise on its shoulders and ensuring it will be able to "keep up".

Happy 12th Anniversary, Club Penguin! What are your doing to celebrate the occasion? Here are some of my top tips. What are thoughts on them also? Let me know in the comments below.

Share some cake with other penguins: They'll appreciate your kindness!

Use emojis which communicate celebration, such as the above

Waddle around and meet new friends: It's what CP was made for!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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