Confirmations During Today's Mod Meet Up!

Hi Penguins,

Penguins love sneak peeks, and Club Penguin loves giving some to us: Recently, we got the best of both worlds... Club Penguin Island's most famous moderator SGT Sparkles has confirmed in the most recent mod meet up which occurred a few hours ago that halloween, as well as holiday, will be like mini adventures! I wonder how this will play out!?

Thank you to Cookiezitto and Tiger for providing the images used in this post.

Did somebody say Holiday Party? Yep! It's returning to the island once again.

The new community manager will be revealed to all in early November this year: I wonder what they'll be like...

Dojo? Unformed for now...

Sadly there will be no Merry Walrus... This year! But who know what may happen in the future...

Well, I cannot wait for the next few months for the game! Thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.



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