Astronomy Day

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Joe has published a new Island News blog post...

Happy Astronomy Day, penguin pals!
As much as astronomers have learned about space, there are still so many mysteries. When I look to the sky I ask one of the biggest questions you could imagine…
Where are all those Crate Co. shipments coming from?
Luckily, there’s one genius who can solve this—Gary the Gadget Guy!
Gary’s obviously a huge fan of outer space. If you didn’t know that, take a look at this lab with the GIGANTIC telescope. He’s either fascinated by astronomy or his bird watching hobby has been taken to the extreme.
Rumor has it, Gary isn’t just investigating planets. Like me, he’s fascinated by Crate Co. deliveries. Because no one actually knows where they’re coming from. Could it be a dimensional portal? Shipments from another planet? Gifts from UFOs?
Maybe someday Gary will figure it out. But for now, I’ll keep looking at the sky, imagining and dreaming. Because sometimes not knowing is pretty cool too.
Thanks for the update Joe! I wonder what Gary has in stall... What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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