SNEAK PEEK: Bringing Island Central Alive

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Joe has published a new Island News blog post...

Hi everyone, and welcome to the next Island Central sneak peek! Today we take a look at the little details that bring the new zone to life.
Let’s start with one of my favorites—Flour Flowers!
These new collectibles are the island’s all-natural source of flour—an important part of Franky’s pizzas! The Exchange will be happy to pay you in coins for any you collect. And don’t worry about getting messy, Flour Flowers grow with a cloth bag to hold the ingredients!
Another collectible you’ll find is Wind Chimes.
I can’t say enough about how important music is to Island Central. These wispy notes are created from the melodies that float through the air. They can be brought to the Exchange for coins.
Speaking of music, you’ll find busking stations in the new zone.
Members can stop at one of these to put on their own show. Strum the Spruce Guitar, or take out the Percussion Set to jam on the bongos and tambourine.
Finally, let’s take a look at some of the art around Island Central.
Here’s the friendship mosaic—a celebration of the penguin community’s kindness and acceptance.
This is a mural showing penguin unity—no matter what threatens the island, the community will stand together.
That’s all for today but there’s so much more happening in Island Central and around the island. Stay tuned, we’ll have a new sneak peek next week!
Awesome spoilers Joe! I cannot wait to collect the new collectables... What about you? Let me know in the comments below...



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