Mount Blizzard's Yeti

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I love a good island mystery, and the story of the Mount Blizzard yeti goes back a long way. There have been rumors they live at the mountain peak, howling and shouting at climbers who get too close.
But is there really a yeti? And what are they doing on the summit? To get to the bottom of this (or should I say the top?), I spoke to Rookie and Gary, who both live on Mt Blizzard.
“Oh yeah,” said Rookie, “the yeti is like the mascot of Mount Blizzard. Tube racers say it hides on the peak where no penguin has climbed. I wonder what it’s like up there? I bet there’s sweet slopes!”
Gary, however, wasn’t as sure. “There is little proof a yeti exists, I’m afraid. The ‘howling’ phenomenon is likely caused by high wind patterns. However, there have been unconfirmed reports of food going missing and large footprints in the snow. This warrants further investigation…”
Gary started speculating how one might detect a yeti using ‘spectral fur analysis’. I left him to his hypothesis, and get to a safe distance. With all due respect to the Gadget Guy, his inventions can go somewhat… haywire.
While I don’t know the truth of the yeti, just the idea excites Mt. Blizzard residents. If you have any close encounters of the yeti kind, please let me know. A good mystery is all about clues.
Hmm... Only time will tell! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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