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Joe has published a new Island News blog post...

Her new song has gained the attention of music fans around the island—it’s DJ Cadence!
Favorite thing: Pick necklace
Special skill: Perfect pitch
Quote: “Turn the volume up!”
AA: Your new single, We Are the Penguins, has hit the top of the island charts. How has this changed your life?
CD: It’s been crazy and I seriously can’t even believe it. My CPI phone has been buzzing for weeks.
AA: That’s quite exciting. What inspired your latest song? It’s become an anthem for many fans.
CD: Seeing crowds made up of different penguins, celebrating and having fun together—that really shaped the message.
AA: Before this song became a success, what were you up to?
CD: Hanging out by the stage, singing and jamming with different groups. I even got to play with a jackhammer band!
AA: Really? Will we see you pick up an instrument in your next video?
CD: Hah! Maybe? If I need guitar though, I know a guy who can help.
AA: Well, you seem to be handling your success well. Any plans for where you go from here?
CD: I just got a gig as the official Team Dance Battle DJ—super excited to get some team dances going! You gotta stop by and show your moves.
AA: That’s kind of you, but perhaps I’ll watch a few rounds first.
CD: No way! C’mon Aunt Arctic. We’re doing this…
DJ Cadence ended the interview by teaching me some dance moves. But don’t worry, reader—I won’t be quitting my day job.
 Awesome! Fin-tastic work Aunt. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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