Fossil Four Mania Returns!

Hi Penguins,

Aunt Arctic has published a new Island News Special Report ...
A penguin’s enthusiastic jackhammering has unearthed an amazing secret. An old wooden box was found containing an ancient game that’s quickly becoming known around the island as “Fossil Four.”
“This was an early form of entertainment for caveguins,” said Gary the Gadget Guy, an expert on the Jurassic period. “It was likely treasured as one of the few games available during that time. You see, this was roughly 100 million years before Marble Hunt or Ink or Swim would exist. Quite remarkable, really.”
It didn’t take long for Gary to discover an appreciation for Fossil Four. After his 5th match, he left the interview to “formulate an unbeatable strategy.”
Captain Rockhopper was less enthusiastic about the discovery.
“Arr, this be nothing but a landlubber’s trinket,” he said. “Pirates play a better game called Stormy Seas Three, where you make a line of three-in-a-row!”
However, after playing Fossil Four, Rockhopper changed his mind.
“This be a better game than that ridiculous Stormy Seas Three—I never did like it!”
It seems after 100 million years, the Fossil Four craze has returned to the island. Now if you’ll excuse me, I promised Dot a rematch.
Good luck Aunt Arctic: Learn more about the game HERE. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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