Daily Challenges: 17th September 2017

Hello Penguins!

Here are todays challenges on CP Island.

Pining for Nature? Get rewarded! Wear a tree costume (My Inventory > My Style) and head over to the largest island in Coconut Cove. Meet with five other penguins to complete the challenge.

In Dark Mat-ter challenge, get to the floating deck by using the Zipline.

Next, get onto all the mats by waddling up to them and pressing the orange interact button.

What Tubes Up Must Tube Down is one of the basic rules of physics. Use a tube (bottom right corner) and use the least steepest ground to level up the slope, jumping and pushing forward the whole way.

Walk the Clothesline: Jump off the Crow's Next and land on the net. Stand in the below location.

Style Challenges



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