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Hi Penguins,  

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Hi penguin pals,
While visiting the island a few days ago, I was asked, “What’s the Golden Tube?”
Well, that penguin didn’t know what they unleashed. Hold on, everyone… we’re going deep into FAQs on this one!
Q. What’s the Golden Tube?
A: It’s the trophy given to the Pick of the Year winner. It’s probably the only trophy ever made that’s also a tube. Impressive, right?
Q: What’s the Pick of the Year?
A: It’s Tubing Life magazine’s favorite tube hill of the year. It is a big deal.
Q: Okay, I’m following so far. So what’s Tubing Life?
A: Whoa, dude. Seriously? Tubing Life is, like, the PREMIERE tubing magazine.
Q: Gotcha. So how do I get my own Golden Tube?
A: Hmm… I’ve heard members should talk to Rookie on Mount Blizzard. He really wants to win Pick of the Year. I’m sure he’d let you keep the Golden Tube.
Q: What special powers does the Golden Tube have?
A: It looks cool.
Q: That’s not a special power.
A: That’s not a question.
Q: Fair enough. So is there a platinum tube?
A: Hmm… If there is, no one’s won it. Yet.
I hope that answered all your Golden Tube related questions, everyone! I’d like to think we’re all a bit smarter after reading that.
Awesome! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments belwo.



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