Crab 101: An Introduction to Speaking Crab

Hello Penguins,  

Here were today's daily challenges on Club Penguin Island!

Hi, penguins pals, and welcome to class!
Today we’ll be learning how to speak Crab. Thanks to Rookie’s lesson during chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic adventures, we know that crabs speak through emojis. Want to learn more? Let’s begin!

Lesson 1: Saying Hello

Jump once to say hello in crab. Seriously! Crabs might seem, well, crabby, but they can be bubbly when saying hi.

Lesson 2: Emojis

Just like us, crabs express themselves with emojis. Crabs will understand that you’re happy if you use a smiley.

Lesson 3: Yes and No

Crabs need only one click to say yes and no. They use these emojis:

Lesson 4: Sentences

Here’s where it gets really interesting! Crabs can say a lot using just emojis.
When a crab is questioning something, they’ll use this emoji:
When asking for something they’ll use:
So a crab asking for a pizza would say:

Got all that? Awesome! Now let’s see some examples of speaking Crab.


Are you a friend?

Yes, I am a friend.

May I have some stinky cheese?

Is that a fluffy wearing neon sunglasses?


You’ve now learned the basics of the Crab language. Congratulations!
Here’s a certificate for your hard work.
Class dismissed!
Awesome! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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