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Hi Penguins,  

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Hi penguin pals,
Happy Book Lovers Day! Okay, so I’m a couple days late, but I love books no matter what day it is!
To celebrate, I’m making a list of all the books I plan to read. I’ve chosen some science fiction, fantasy, and nature books. (Yep, there are even a couple about penguins.)
But do you know which book I want to read most? The Island Codex.
The Island Codex is a mysterious book that Aunt Arctic’s kept safe. There’s no telling what secrets are in it! All we know is that it’s a big deal to the island, and Aunt Arctic is afraid it will fall into Herbert’s paws.
What kind of mystery in the codex could be so important?
A path to Penglantis?
Secret treasures on Mount Blizzard?
The password to Aunt Arctic’s computer?
I might never cross the Island Codex off my reading list, but hey, it’s fun to think what it might contain.
So let’s put our heads together—what’s the big secret in the Island Codex? Get on your detective hats and let me know your best guesses in the comments.
Awesome! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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