New Mini-Game: Tilt-o-Tube!

Hi Penguins,  

Joe has published a new Island News blog post...

Hi penguin pals,
Members can brush the snow off their tubes and slide down from Mount Blizzard, because there’s a new game coming to Beacon Boardwalk!
Tilt-o-Tube is like the tubing version of a sumo match, with a few minor changes—you know, like a floating platform. Members will meet on the platform, bouncing into each other, and doing their best to not fall into the waters below.
Annnnd just to keep it interesting, that platform won’t be staying still. You might have guessed it from the name—there’s going to be a lot of tilting going on! It’s a simple idea, but trust me, a hard one to master. Only the sturdiest of penguins will conquer it.
Hm, will someone be starting a Tilt-o-Tube league? Cause that would be… tubular.
I cannot WAIT for this *tears up* MEMORIES! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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