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Aunt Arctic has published a new Island News Special Report ... 

She has an eye on style and a mind as sharp as a sewing needle—meet Dot!
Favorite thing: Fashion challenges
Special skill: Using a tablecloth to create a disguise
Quote: “Can’t find me? I tend to disappear into my work.”
AA: Dot, where did you learn your design skills?
D: I go on pretty hectic adventures. I learned fast how to stitch up holes and sew on patches. That turned into a passion for fashion!
AA: Hectic design adventures, of course. They must provide you with lots of inspiration.
D: Absolutely. Whenever I’m on a design mission, I keep an eye out for new ideas.
AA: Well, your surveillance skills are top notch. Have you spied any new trends on the island?
D: Yeah. It looks like patterned mermaid tails are making a comeback!
AA: Oh. Maybe I’ll dig my old one out of the closet. Any tips for the up-and-coming designers?
D: Learn all kinds of styles. You never know if your next design challenge will be a sweater or a giant crab disguise.
AA: Ah ha. In other words—be ready.
Dot quickly disappeared after the interview. I’m not sure where she went, but I did notice a suspicious tree on the way home.
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