International Rock Day

Hi Penguins, 

Joe has published a new Island News blog post...

Hi penguin pals,
Happy International Rock Day!
Before you jam out on your guitar, maybe I should clarify—I’m talking about the mineral kind of rock. (But don’t let that stop you from letting loose at the stage.)
Rock Day might not seem as exciting to everyone but I know one penguin who thinks it, well… ROCKS!
Rookie and his pet rock make an AWESOME team. Rookie’s fun-loving and excitable, while his pet rock is calm and laid-back. What a dynamic duo!
In honor of Rookie’s special friendship, let’s have some rock talk in the comments!
…ORE would you LAVA to just make rock puns instead? (Hey, I tried).
Rock on, penguin pals.
Thanks fORE the update, Joe!  Rocks make up some of the most important foundations on the planet: So it's VERY important that we celebrate them! Just avoid eating the objects. Not very tasty, according to a pink starfish I know... What are yORE thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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