Fantastic Feature: Marble Hunt

Hello Penguins,

Welcome to another instalment in our ongoing Fantastic Feature series. Today, we discuss on of the islands many fantastic games, Marble Hunt. Unlike no other, it can only be purchased from a market, such as Beacon Boardwalk's Welcome Shop. Buy up to 99 each per checkout... That's only 7425 coins!

To access your purchased item/s, simply go into My Inventory... It's the green icon on your toolbar.

After you've made your way to there, tap Games and select Marble Hunt... It's the only one which can be purchased thus far, too

After that, press the orange button in the bottom right corner. Simples!

Following the previous step, other penguins should be able to waddle up to you and press an action button to play a round of Marble Hunt with you...

... Leading you to this screen! Magic will assign the roles you get.

Hide the marbles! In this role as the Hider, you have half a minute to hide marbles around the area you are in (Beacon Boardwalk)

How do you hide marbles? Waddle around to find the best hiding spaces and press the orange action button to place marble there.

After hiding all the marbles, it becomes the Seekers job to waddle around and collect them... In less than a minute! How? Stay tuned to the rest of the post.

At or before 45 seconds, the Seeker will stop finding marbles, and-

- He found none. Yay (for me)! I would have received 30 coins and 30 Rookie XP, however since I had maxed out on XP, I got none...

If the other player got all three marbles, you would only collect 30 coins, and vice versa. All or nothing, penguins!

As a seeker...

You would need to wait 30 seconds for the Hider to place the three marbles around the space... Or right around you. The information next to the clock tells you how many marbles are left to be hidden (or caught, depending on your role).

After all the marbles have been hidden, it is your job to find them. Using your seeker, waddle around the space, and look at the green light at the tip of your gizmo that you are holding:

If it turns green. A marble is somewhere along a path ahead or behind you in roundabouts the same spot.

When the light blinks, you're close! See it, and collect a marble using the orange action button in the bottom right corner.

Ta-da! Two go.

Yay! Won again. Fireworks, anyone?

Well, I hope this guide helped you keep your marbles whilst playing this game! Questions? Leave them in the comments below and I shall seek the answers to them for you.



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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