Island Profiles: Gary the Gadget Guy

Hi Penguins, 

Aunt Arctic  has published a new Island News Special Report ...

Today we meet Gary the Gadget Guy and speak to him in his Mt. Blizzard lab.
Favorite thing: Quantum cascade lasers
Special skill: Using super-powered trampolines to reach new heights
Quote: “It’s theoretically impossible… but let’s try anyway!”
AA: Gary, what sparked your interest in science?
GARY: Like every child, I was fascinated by space travel, dinosaurs, and theories on alternate dimensions.
AA: Goodness, alternate dimensions? Do they exist?
GARY: Well, I’m 50% certain that delivery crates are crashing into our world from another dimension.
AA: So you’re not certain?
GARY: Exactly.
AA: What other mysteries are on the island?
GARY: There are signs that many undiscovered species are on the island.
AA: There must be so much to still discover then.
GARY: Precisely! Our exploration of the island has only just begun!
AA: How do you plan to uncover the secrets?
GARY: Between cannons, lasers, and rocket-powered devices—we’ll find a way.
I’d like to thank Gary for the interview and for all his hard work. To think, we wouldn’t have multi-tools or a Trampoline 3000 without him.
Thanks for the info, Joe! I hope we see more of Gary in the game soon. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.


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