Megg Meet-Up: May 5, 2017

Hi Penguins,  

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Hi, penguin family!
Here are the details for this week’s Megg meet-up:
AND! Here’s some helpful information:
How do I know which server I’m on?
Tap the phone icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Tap on the settings icon, and then under “Membership Info” you will see which server you are on. You can tap on the server and select a new one to jump to from the list!
Why can’t I see Megg during the meet-up?
Great question! This can happen for two different reasons:
  1. Make sure your app is updated to the latest version. Penguins on older versions of the app will be unable to see players on the most up-to-date one. I’ll also do my best to schedule these meet-ups during times when all players have had a chance to update their app 😉
  2. In order for the app to run smoothly for all players, only a certain number of penguins are shown on your screen at any given time. That means Megg may be in the same zone/area as you, but you may not see each other. To make up for this, Megg will leave the room and come back occasionally to make sure more players have the chance to meet her 🙂
Why can’t I add Megg as a friend?
The team is doing their best to allow ALL players to add Megg as a friend. I’ll let everyone know as soon as she’s able to add friends again. Until then, you can still send her a friend request and it’ll be accepted when she can add more.
What is there to do at these meet-ups?
These meet-ups are a great way to meet new friends on the island – and EVERYONE is invited.  We’ll play games, share TONS of pizza, and talk about what’s coming to the island! Feel free to let me know what you’d like to do during these meet-ups, I’d love to hear it!
I asked a question, and Megg didn’t answer it. What do I do?
Megg does her best to reply to as many players as possible – if you have an important question, you can post it in the comments of this post! I’ll help to answer any questions you might have after the meet-up.
Thanks for the info, Megg! Were you able to attend any of todays meet ups? Let me know in the comments below!



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