Island Profiles: Meet Rookie

Hi Penguins,

Aunt Arctic has published a new Island News Special Report...

Island Profiles is your introduction to community members. Today we meet Rookie.
Favorite thing: Lunch
Special skill: Fluent in Crab
Quote: “Good jokes are funny. Bad jokes are HILARIOUS!”
AA: Rookie, what’s your job on the island?
RK: I used to make pizza but I kept eating them. But wow, was I ever a satisfied customer!
AA: Alright. What’s your plan now?
RK: Well, I’d LOVE to work at Mount Blizzard.
AA: I’ve heard you’re an “enthusiastic” tube racer.
RK: I like racing, but cheering on racers is even more fun. I can yell “GO! GO! GO!” really loud!
AA: Ah, very loud—yes. So, Rookie, you told me your Yeti theory—
RK: Yeah! The other day my ham and cheese sandwich got stuck in a tree, and then—
AA: How does this relate to the Yeti?
RK: Anyway, Jet Pack Guy FLEW to the top of the tree and got my sandwich! SO COOL!
Rookie never did get to his Yeti story, but he certainly has energy. Let’s hope that serves him well in the future.
Thanks for the info, Megg! I hope we see more of Rookie in the game soon. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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