Grand Opening of Mount Blizzard

Hi Penguins, 

Aunt Arctic has published a new Island News Special Report ...

UPDATE: Mount Blizzard is open now!
I’m happy to announce that Mount Blizzard and its races are set to open. The Club Penguin Sports Network has a booth there for budding reporters and camera operators.
Mount Blizzard was once a famous climbing destination, known for its incredible height and yeti sightings. But, it was blocked off by an avalanche until recently. Thanks to some industrious jackhammering by our citizens, we have a clear path to the mountain.
The renovated Mt. Blizzard will be great for racers, fans, and mountain climbers. But there’s more than just the hill—visitors can enjoy choklidium mining, camping, and state-of-the-art trampoline transportation.
Thanks for letting us know about the opening, Aunt Arctic! I. LOVE. MOUNT. BLIZZARD. My favourite party so far would have to be the races... It brings back memories- What about you? Let me know in the comments below.



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