Five Awesome Features in Disney Mix!

Hello Penguins,

Last year, Disney Mix was released to the world. I was fortunate enough o beta test the game. It was a revolutionary social platform for kids on mobile devices; as well as the basis and predecessor for some of the technology used on Club Penguin Island, including the friends list and chat filter. 

Sadly, the app will be closing its doors in two weeks, and thus I thought it'd be a great time to bring up things that made it so awesome and unique!

Stickers! The game had included loads of Disney themed stickers, which allowed users to communicate a message in the tap of a few buttons. Some of those included Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island stickers, which are all still accessible in the app whilst searching in the sticker collection, and under the Club Penguin Island Stickers Tab.

Please excuse me for a moment while I send a bunch of Club Penguin stickers to Mix Bot...

Mini games: The game had several mini games which were based around Disney characters, books, movies, and everything in between. One of my favourites would have to be the Fireworks Display, which allowed you to hold your own display of such flashing lights...

... Plus a bonus extra message at the end to be seen by the recipient!

Gags. You could send pranks to other users, and watch their avatar get covered in pie, water, and/ or even in ping pong balls. You might even watch them laugh, too! Laughs aren't included, though.

Add friends! Disney Mix's friends list was one of the easiest things to navigate. It allowed you to send and receive friend requests, even in the form of a QR code. Virtual reality, here we come!

On top of that, you were also able to decide who you wanted to chat with, as well as an option to report chat which deemed inappropriate. Safety first, penguins!

Last but not least, CHAT! The main selling point of Disney Mix was to chat in a safe, monitored world, and the game succeeded in doing just that. The interface to navigate between chats was simple too.

The app will be closing on May 18th. Let's make the most of it now, before it's gone! You can re download it onto your device if it is still in recent purchases. What are your favourite memories of the app? Let me know in the comments below.



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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