Crate Co—A Crate Place to Work!

Hi Penguins,  

Rookie has published a new Island News Special Report ...

Crate Co! It’s one of the best crate-based success stories I’ve ever heard… like top 5 AT LEAST!
Sure, they used to just make crates (which was AWESOME) but now they deliver ANYTHING you need in those crates! ANYTHING!!! (Editor’s note: some conditions may apply, please see Crate Co. Terms of Service for full details.)
You ever need an emergency sandwich delivery? Like every single day, right? Now thanks to Crate Co. I’m getting a steady stream of fluffy and cheese sandwiches! (Editor’s note: some assembly required.)
The coolest part? Crate Co. is HIRING! Whenever targets pop up by Crate Co. Tower, grab some friends and blast them with snowballs! (Editor’s note: charging your throw makes the shot higher.) If all the beacons get lit up, a package will land safely. You’ll be rewarded and I’ll get that anvil I ordered. Working at Mt. Blizzard sounds great, I wish I could work there too! (Editor’s note: you do.)
Well, you heard it penguins: Apply for a job at Crate Co! Who knows what rewards you might get... (Editors note: We ain't hiring!) NOOO! I wanted a job there. Editors note: Speak to the Island Director)

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.



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