BREAKING: UFO Sightings Pour In

Hi Penguins, 

Aunt Arctic  has published a new  Island News   Special Report ...

Quite the unusual news day. I’ve received reports of a UFO crashing near our island. Even more peculiar, I’ve been told the object looked like an iceberg.
Our local UFO expert, Gary, has looked into the event and found there’s nothing to fear. “If this were a credible threat,” he said, “a capable team of penguins would be prepared to assist.”
Gary created a helpful list of what the UFO probably was:
– A Crate Co. shipment being delivered to Mount Blizzard.
– A weather balloon (shaped like an iceberg).
– Swamp gas (shaped like an iceberg).
– Jet Pack Guy (shaped like an iceberg).
– Your imagination.
– Something that definitely wasn’t a giant, flying iceberg base.
I also spoke with Rockhopper, who’s not a UFO expert, but insisted I interview him. “It be a flying ghost ship! A sure sign there be more ancient loot nearby.” he said.
Whatever the flying object was, my friends, I’m certain of one thing—there’s no reason to worry. The island remains safe and sound.
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Thanks for the alert, Aunt Arctic! I'll be sure to stay vigilant. What are your thoughts on this UFO? Let me know in the comments below,



The time is now. The villainous Herbert P. bear is not our only thqeat—but he is the most immediate one. Stay sharp.


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