The Club Penguin Island Interface

Hello Penguins,

When you first log in to Club Penguin Island, you will see lots of buttons, lots and toolbars, and many menus. These can be VERY confusing... However not for long! In this guide, you'll become an expert on all the menus and toolbars in our new game. If you're looking for a guide on that, keep reading! You're at the right place..

So when you log in, you'll be brought into the game, with all these buttons, navigations and interfaces. The transparent round button in the bottom left corner allows you to move. Tap this in all directions to navigate around the island.

The light blue button above that brings up Daily Challenges, which you can complete to level up and earn coins. Learn more about these HERE.

Next, the buttons in the bottom right corner. The biggest one with the spring allows you to jump. There are some challenges which make you use this function, so start practising!

 The top one with the snowball icon, as suggests, allows you to throw snowballs.

The longer you hold the button down for, the further distance it covers... Even if you may or may not see it on your screen. It might reach the migrator from where I'm standing... Or not...

The button below that allows you to move around in a tube, which can only be selected on land.


Moving on to the final button in this corner, the action/ interact button is a button which lights up when you reach something which you can interact with. In the case below, waddling up to Confetti Flowers on the Boardwalk and pressing the orange button harvests the flora, earning you collectables which can be EXCHANGED for coins.

Press the icon next to the chat bar, and you get access to some quick chat features. You'll first see lots of quick chat phrases. The ones in light blue change on your location, so whilst you are near the Welcome Circle, the light blue phrases would relate to the Boardwalk.

The emoji icon on the blue bar just above the phrases brings you all the emojis you can use in game. As you level up, you'll unlock more.

Let's look at the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The first icon is called My Penguin, and as the name suggests, allows you to access things evolving around your penguin.

The My Profile button takes you to to a screen where you can access your progress (your penguin level), stats (whether you are a member, penguin age, and coins) and colour (change your penguin colour). Select the tabs at the bottom of the screen to switch between these options.

This is what happens when you click on your player card in the game...

Press the cross to exit the current screen (find this just above the right side of the thick blue bar). From there, you can access the My Friends tab, where you can access your friends list.
  • The white cross on the orange background captioned "Add Friend" allows you to send friend requests to other penguins (with their penguin name) without meeting them on the island before-flipper. After clicking that, simply type in the name and press "Add Friend". 
    • These show up as PENDING at the bottom of your friends list until accepted.
    • Follow the same process to search for a friend already on your list. You can do this by using the search bar at the bottom of the screen and pressing the tick.
  • The penguins on your friends list have different icons on them.
    • The key represents that they are a member, a lock represents that they are non member.
    • The zzz bubble represents that they are offline. Ones that are waving/ smiling are online. 
      • Maybe press their icon, jump to friend, and say HOLA!
  • You'll get friend requests from other penguins too. Accept these at the top of the screen by pressing the orange backgrounded tick, or decline them by pressing the blue backgrounded cross instead.
  • The friends list is 200... Only these will be seen on your list, although you can go over the limit.

This is the process for adding friends...

The process is similar for added friends too...

Ones that are offline appear like this. Would it be possible to jump to someone offline?! Probably not. You'd end up in virtual space...

The last My Penguin button takes you to Your Closet, where you can design and make clothes to customize to your penguins needs.View HERE for a guide on this feature.

The next icon along your toolbar is My Inventory. Press it, and you can access your Items and Party Supplies by their respective icons.

Press the Gear icon, and you get brought to a bunch of things which you can use in game to enhance your experience on the island. 

Tap any of the gear icons to use it. In the below example, you can mix some food (cooking kit). Use the icons in the bottom right corner to use the special actions of the gear. Press the cross at the bottom of those icons to stop using it.

Lets move on to Party Supplies. As like with the Gear, more unlock for you to purchase as you level up in the game.

Simply select one and press the orange action button to eat! Delish.

NB: Party Supplies which can be shared such as the Pizza Box, for example, are able to be eaten by others on the world. The same process as above applies.


The third icon on your toolbar takes you to My (Your) Adventures. From here, you can see what adventures you've completed or ones that will be unlocking soon. Learn more about those HERE.

The fourth and final icon on the toolbar takes you to your settings. Once you press the cog, you can access membership info, switch worlds, change some minor settings and access the rules of the game, among other things.

Well, that pretty much concludes this guide. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. What's your favourite part of the game so far? Let me know in the comments below.



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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