Secrets in the Mountains!

Hello Penguins,

Ever since Club Penguin Island debuted, penguins across the island have debated if there were any secrets hidden in the mountains. As you may or may not have guessed, there are, and they'll all be covered in this post!

In the original introduction video, we got a glimpse into the mountains. In the first glimpses of the Island of Club Penguin Island we see things left, right and centre in the mountain ranges and beyond! 

On the left side of the screen, we can see see some things out of place in the mountain terrain, which can also be seen in game also. When you jump up to the lighthouse, you can see  some sort of structure with a red top outside the entry of a place high in the mountain. 

Diagonally below that, we can see another opening, with stalagmites/ frozen icicles greeting your entry into what appears to be another cave... Or is it?!

Here's a closer look...

Say, haven't I seen that structure up in the mountains somewhere else?! It looks familiar...

You're completely right if you were thinking that! In a recent Island News post (and video) by Bobbi, we got to see a similar looking object hidden in the sneak peek of an upcoming adventure...

Another thing I saw were these two paths in the far north region of Beacon Boardwalk...

The one on the left is most likely related to an upcoming game on the island... Sled Racing!

On the other side, we have more of a mystery. However, penguins have been able to access this, which pretty much confirms that it could be a future room. The real mystery is where does this lead?! We need to think about that...

The final thing I noticed in the introduction video was this puffle looking structure on the tropical part of the island.

Say, haven't I seen that thing up in the mountains somewhere else?! It looks familiar...

You're right again of you thought that! It was also presnt in Club Penguin: Puffle Wild back in 2014 and again in some rooms on Club Penguin during various events the following year.

Well, that wraps it up for this post. But before I do that, I'd like to acknowledge Dj Stores, Bryan Gelino and Riyita for some of the concepts and theories mentioned in this post.

What are your thoughts on the above? Let me know in the comments below!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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