Secrets in the Mountains: Herbert's Base?!

Hello Penguins,

Bloxorz has just alerted me about another secret, and possible theory, in the mountains.

Earlier this year in the Tomisino1 Analysis of the Best of 2016 Music Video,  we showed you this and gave a bit of a description of what we thought it was...

There is white and orange paint around some sort of canon or viewing thingy. This seems to go around the whole space. The floor has some patterns which remind me of the Star War's parties on Club Penguin... Could this be some sort of top secret futuristic HQ? Herbert's? Maybe not... It might be something which keeps the island safe though... Possibly in a future adventure!

I think we were pretty close! Earlier this month we were shown some sneak peeks in regards to the next Club Penguin Island App Update. This was one of them, an area apart of the map.

See the cannon in both images? I think we can draw a connection here. The top image has some flags sketched up in the snow, and we've had confirmation that there would be Sled Racing in this area in a new trailer for the game. Those flags could have some involvement in this mini game, guiding the players through the course. I think it's safe to say that Sled Racing will be held near the canon. Could they be connected?!

We also showed you this several days ago: Could this prove that that Herbert IS indeed hiding in the mountains?!

If so, could this, being in the mountains, be his base?! After all, it does look a bit like a futuristic HQ?!

Could this be some sort of top secret futuristic HQ? Herbert's? -Tomisino1

What are your thoughts on this?! Let me know in the comments below.



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