Mount Blizzard Sneak Peek!

Hi Penguins,

Let's take a moment to image a situation like this...

(Although I'd probably never happen *cough* NUGGS FOR CARTER)
Random penguin: How many retweets for a sneak peak of future updates?

Club Penguin: HMMM... How about 100? 😬

Penguin: Consider it done.

*100 retweets later* 
Club Penguin:

Was that sneak peak (and scenario) real? Yes! 

Blewberry02 was fortunate enough to have his challenge accepted, and it played out exactly like my imagine situation above. More imagine than reality, hah?!

This sneak peek depicts an area of the upcoming Blizzard Mountain, showing a camera item which can be interacted with. Fin-tatsic!

I wonder what the camera does... Why do you think the camera is there?! Could it serve as a secret security camera to observe someone?! Let me know in the comments below.



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