Fantastic Feature: Membership

Hello Penguins,

In today's Fantastic Feature, we discuss how fin-tastic memberships are-

*Throws hot sauce bottles*
*Closes tab*

Let me finish, sheesh! In order for a game to be run, it needs to have some form of funding, just like any other business. In CP Island's case, this is the form of monthly recurring memberships for added in-game features. Without this form of funding coming into the business, the company will have to choice but to cut some of its employees, which could leave some people without a job: Not a good thing.

This might also lead to lesser quality being produced, which will only make the problem worse. We do not want this to happen, EVER!

If you would like to get a membership, you need to have an Apple ID or Google Play account with credit (iTunes cards, Google Play cards, ect.). From there, go into the app and press the green rectangular button in the bottom-centre of the screen. 

Next, press the Confirm Free Trial button. Yep, you get a free trial! The first seven days of your subscription of free. If you cancel it within this time period, you will not be charged. After this point, however, you will be. The subscription will have started by then.

Next, enter your age. This is done for safety reasons, as this is a parents page, so please don't input false information. Press continue.

Next, you'll be brought to this screen. Read the information carefully. Once you reach the bottom of the information, press Confirm Free Trial.

After that, press continue. You will be asked to fill in your details on the following page.

Next, press "ok" to confirm your subscription.

... And you're set!

Friends and adventures await! Along with a fireworks display if you're lucky...

So, why should I buy membership again?

Fin-tastic question! Here are a few reasons... Cue the fireworks display, Aunt Arctic!

Complete adventures! Adventures are one of the BEST things in the game... They have awesome plots, and are fun to complete. You also get access to another means of levelling up, a much quicker one too if I must say! 

Buy items from the Disney Store! This store is a delight for any Disney fan. From Tangled to Frozen, there isn't much in content that it misses. If you want to spend your coins on something, this here is a good way to go!

Last but not least, members start parties! These paying paying players get access to 100% of the features in game, including party supplies and gear, which are great ways to get the attention of other penguins and to start parties. Penguins LOVE to party!

Well, that concludes this post! Questions? Fire away in the comments!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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