Earth Month Celebrations: Decorations at Beacon Boardwalk Have Updated!

Hello Penguins,

Over the past week or so, the Boardwalk has been decked out Panda style, in support of Disneynature's Born In China's film, as apart of the island's Earth Month celebrations. It was fin-tastic to see some other animals on the island, aside from us (along with fish, crabs, and a certain polar bear *cough*).

Now, as World Penguin Day approaches, the Panda Balloons has been replaced by... Us! ... Well, Rockhopper penguins at the least. I'm sure Captain Rockhopper will be stocked (maybe even more than digging up his lost stinky cheese) when he sees these! I'm sure Aunt Arctic would have organised them... Anyway, here are the decorations!

SO, what are you waiting for? Log on and make your way here to celebrate the planet we all live on (AND US. THAT'S IMPORTANT TOO!).

The packs we were going to get have not arrived yet: We've heard reports that there has been a minor delay in Rockhopper getting them shipped in for us.

I cannot wait to celebrate the planet and animals we all know and love with will my flippered friends across it. Questions? Let me known in the comments below.



You can now claim the World Penguin Day pack upon logging in.... Please excuse me while I raid my emoji collection for some Earthy Vibes


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