Creating a Community: Teamwork

Hello Penguins,

Today, we begin a new series: Create a Community. It's a new game- It's the same community, but a slightly different experience. During the last few months of Club Penguin, the predecessor of Club Penguin Island, we were given the opportunity to do something that penguins of all ages have been trying to do for over a decade: Tip the Iceberg.

Tipping the Iceberg was an experience like no other in the game. It brought penguins together from all around the world- defying the laws of physics, to flip a floating block of ice on a virtual island. How can we explain this phenomenon? CommunityIn a community, everyone is welcome. Everyone feels included and everyone has a part and a place.

Our community worked together as a team (together everyone achieves more) to achieve what was once impossible, and the Club Penguin Team made sure we know that they knew. On the flip side of the berg, penguins were able to view this plaque which reminds us that if we can put our mind to something, together, we can achieve it.

In late March, Club Penguin's successor was made public to the world. Club Penguin Island was released; and we can continue such teamwork initiative traditions on this new platform.
  • Take some penguins around a tour of our island. Spread knowledge! Our penguin population is constantly growing, and there will always (unfortunately) be penguins who are lost and will need the (*insert fireworks*) help of other penguins, which also gives them the title of Tour Guides
    • To distinguish yourself as someone who gives tours, why not make and wear an item like this?!

  • Start a trend. Penguins, like us, LOVE to do what everything else is doing. If 10 penguins decide to go on the trampoline, it's 67% highly likely* that others will follow suit. That's teamwork, people. Teamwork.
    • * Source: Gary the Gadget Guy, March 28th  2017

  • Do community challenges with some of your penguin pals. These challenges bring the community together, and are a great way to help others and make new friends. Plus, don't you feel awesome when you've made someones day by helping them earn some coins?

What are you waiting for? Go on to the island and help some penguins! Community-teamwork initiatives like this help bring the community that little bit closer together.

Questions? Fire them away in the comments below.



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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