Happy National Panda Day!

Hi Penguins, 

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Hi, penguins!
Today we're celebrating those lovable tuxedo bears, PANDAS :D
If you haven't heard yet, Disneynature will be releasing a new film on Earth Day called, Born in China. The film tells the story of three different animal families in the wilds of China, and one of those families is Panda Bears!
To support this initiative, on Club Penguin Island we'll also be releasing exclusive Earth Day emotes for everyone and a Panda hoodie for members. And of course, throwing epic parties to celebrate! Here's a sneak peek:

You'll see these along with the rest of our 1.2 updates in April. Want to learn more? You can download the Disneynature Born in China Activity Packet HERE.
AND, don't forget to check out the film in theaters in the U.S. beginning April 21. :)
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
I. LOVE. PANDAS! Not as much as penguins, but hey... They're still awesome!

Some other things to note:

There WILL be a giveaway pack given out the start of the Earth Day event, which will contain Earth Day emotes for everyone and a Panda Costume for members. I presume this will be free.

Last but not least, the island will be decorated for the event! Someone cue the FIREWORKS!

I cannot wait till April- Like seriously. My excitement meter has blown... Thats how excited I am! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below!



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