Exclusive: Club Penguin in Newspapers and Magazines!

Hi Penguins,

Club Penguin has been advertised on many platforms. From television advertisements to newspaper pullout, there isn't an audience that Club Penguin's advertisements haven't appealed to, across the globe. Here are some Club Penguin advertisements (over a long period of time) that I have seen in magazines and newspapers in Australia. To be quite honest, I've actually seen these advertisements in physical copies in the prints that they were in.

Many of these advertisements advertised the game in general and latest parties. However, especially in more recent years, there were competitions in which you could win prizes!

Even Club Penguin's Safety Campaign got a mention in the magazine. I believe that this would have strongly appealed to parents.


Looks familiar? Also FREE CODE!

Disney Mix even got a show in it. How awesome is that?!

Lastly, here are some advertisements from my local newspaper. These were from issues some years ago, of course!

An advertisement similar to this was what inspired me to go to a special place about a special game...

Club Penguin assets used are © Disney

I really like how the ads took whole pages, which means that they could be easily seen. I do hope that they continue in the new game! What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below!



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