The Waddle On Party Billboard: Taking A Waddle Down Memory Lane!

Hello Penguins!

Did you know that the Waddle On Party billboard is holding some massive secrets?! If you didn't, well, err... By the end of this post you will know exactly what they are!

So the book the orange penguin is holding has some images stuck in it... But not just any images! They have significant meanings which I will explain to you now.

The one and only image on the left side of the book is a page from the Russian 2012 Yearbook. It's the November 2012 page, which featured Operation Blackout, a significant party in Club Penguin's history. The other thing is that the writing is in Russian, which gives us a throwback to when there were 6 languages in the game, celebrating the games vast diversity.

Thank you Xpome for pointing this out to me!
Going to the right side, the top image is of an EPF wallpaper. It features penguins in different gear using their specialised skills. If it was to find Herbert, they might have succeeded... Err... RUN! This gives us some heritage on the major importance the agency had on the island, which is another nice touch.

The image next to that is from a Club Penguin Times article from April 2015. It features Sam speaking to the Puffle Handler. The party gave us an insight into where Sam game from, where he was raised, whom he was raised by and last gave us new areas to explore! 

Lastly, the image below that is part of a billboard advertisement featuring September 2015's Penguin Style Catalog, which was the biggest one ever. Why was it so BIG?! The party that month was a Fashion Festival, in which penguins dressed up to get awarded votes by the community in themes to win!

Well, that brings us to the end of the post. I find this quite fascinating. What are your thoughts on this? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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